Industry and High Technology

High-tec products, powered by Rosswag: heavy impact, masive pressure, highest security.

Edelstahl Rosswag produces high quality forged parts for the industry. We specialize in prototipes, pilot-run series, custom-made components and produce pieces weihging from 5 up to 4,000 Kg.

Products such as the ICE 3 (Intercity-Express 3 high speed train), the Airbus 380, the Ariane rockets, Formula 1 racing cars or the Zeppelin NT are all fascinating high-tech products, which contain forged components from Edelstahl Rosswag and perform their duties for years, without complaints, in high-stress positions, often under great pressure, at high temperatures and are adequate for maximum security.

Where exactly our forged parts are used is normally a secret from our customers. For the big Airbus, for example, is only known that Rosswag's forged components work within the landing flaps.

We have distinguished companies as customers, belonging to diverse industry sectors:

  • Astronomical (telescopes)
  • Chemical and petrochemical
  • Pressing machines
  • Automobile
  • Gearbox manufacturing
  • Power stations
  • Aerospace
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Medical engineering
  • Optical, electronic
  • Optical space technology
  • Paper machines
  • Pump manufacturing
  • Railway vehicles
  • Shipbuilding
  • Special-purpose vehicles
  • Turbine manufacturing
  • Tooling manufacturing
  • Gearwheel manufacturing
  • Plant engineering
  • Energy technology
  • Power plant construction
  • Motorsports
  • Process engineering

... and further customers for high-endurance forged parts.