Edelstahl Rosswag: Open-die Forge

Edelstahl Rosswag is the biggest open-die forge in southern Germany. To make the extraordinary possible —that is the daily practice for the people at Edelstahl Rosswag. High-tec products and to bring decades of forging know-how to the most modern applications is fascinating for us. We therefore work hard everyday at the office, at the sawmill, the forge, in quality assurance, during mechanical processing and shipping —from the executives of our mid-sector industry to the trainees.

Edelstahl Rosswag offers you a complete range of services in one place:

  • Forging and heat treatments
  • Mechanical work with more than 30 CNC tooling machines
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Materials laboratory towards quality assurance
  • Research, development and construction departments
  • Cooperation with universities and scientific institutions for complex problems


Fascination for Steel Working

Traditional techniques and the newest machines.

The iron / steel working is one of the oldest working techniques in the human history. Over decades, different materials and skills were further developed to giving constructors the chance to expand the limits of what is technically possible. Bigger machines are used to form heavier, more complex parts.

During open-die forge a component results from a state of incandescence, which can only be successfully processed after years of expertise. At Rosswag we work with presses with a compressive force up to 35 Mega Newtons and up to 3.5 meter-diameter rolled rings for producing seamless rings.

The forging and ring-rolling processes are controlled from a safe distance nowadays. Nevertheless, something persists through generations of forging: the emotion and passion of creating something new from fire, force and skillful movement.