Open-die Forging

As the biggest open-die forge in southern Germany, Edelstahl Rosswag produces forged parts of the highest standards with the most modern and efficient machines, as well as the fulliest developed know-how. We also give form to our client's wishes in our modern forge.

Edelstahl Rosswag produces open-die forged parts that resist the highest strains. We deliver rods, forged or rolled rings (also oval if desired) and disks that weigh up to four tons and a length or diameter of up to three meters long.

Further specialities are: custom-made parts for different requirements and bell cloppers for the biggest bells in Europe.

Our mechanical processing and heat treatment, as well as our quality management system complete our first-class service; on time and high-quality.

We produce / forge:

  • Open-die components
  • Seamless rolled rings
  • Disks
  • Perforated disks
  • Bars / rods
  • Bushings
  • Shafts
  • Flanges and much more...

We produce forge components with:

  • A 3,500 ton forging press
  • A 1,200 ton forging press
  • A 800 ton forging press
  • 5 manipulators
  • 3 pneumatic hammers
  • 2 drop hammers
  • 10 furnaces