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We are dedicated to advancing critical industries through our specialized open die forging, ring rolling and CNC machining services. Sectors such as Oil & Gas, Nuclear Power, Turbines, Semiconductor, Electric Engines, and Defence, we recognize the unique challenges each of these fields faces. Our commitment to delivering superior quality and performance is reflected in our extensive material portfolio and precision engineering. By tailoring our solutions to meet specific industry demands, we ensure that our clients receive components that are not only robust and reliable but also enhance the efficiency and safety of their operations.

Oil and Gas

Reliability and Safety

Rosswag’s advanced open die forging techniques set new standards in the oil and gas industry, where reliability and safety are paramount. Our custom forgings are designed to withstand the extreme pressures and corrosive environments typical in oil and gas exploration and processing. With precision engineering and rigorous quality control, Rosswag ensures that each component offers enhanced performance and longevity, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Nuclear Power

Stringent Standards

In the critical field of nuclear power, Rosswag delivers exceptional reliability through our open die forging services. Our products are engineered to meet the stringent standards required for nuclear safety and performance. Rosswag’s forgings are integral to the construction and maintenance of nuclear reactors, providing unmatched strength and resistance to radiation and thermal fatigue, ensuring long-term operational stability.


Superior Mechanical Properties

For the gas turbine industry, Rosswag offers open die forgings that provide superior mechanical properties and heat resistance, essential for handling the high temperatures and rotational speeds of turbine applications. Our precision forgings help in enhancing the efficiency and lifespan of turbines, making Rosswag a trusted partner for manufacturers looking to optimize performance and reduce lifecycle costs.


Precision and Purity

In the semiconductor industry, where precision and purity are crucial, Rosswag’s open die forging process supports the production of high-quality components that meet exacting specifications. Our forgings and high-end machining help in constructing robust manufacturing equipment capable of withstanding the demanding conditions of semiconductor fabrication, ensuring reliability and enhancing the overall yield of semiconductor devices.

Electric Engines

Performance and Durability

As the demand for electric engines grows, Rosswag’s expertise helps manufacturers achieve higher performance and durability. Our forgings are crucial in creating components that are both lightweight and strong, enhancing the efficiency and power output of electric engines. With Rosswag, companies can expect components that contribute to the advancement of cleaner, more efficient energy solutions.


Robustness and Strength

Rosswag provides the defence industry with open die forgings that meet the highest standards of durability and strength required in military applications like submarines, our forgings ensure reliability under the most challenging conditions. Rosswag’s commitment to precision and quality supports the defence sector in maintaining a technological edge in a rapidly evolving landscape.


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