Forge Simulation

By using a modern simulation software for transformation processes, we are able to offer you an analysis of complex forging processes before the production begins, and lead optimization measures in case needed.

Our engineers are able to simulate and optimize forging-processes for rolled rings, open-die and drop-forge pieces.

Here, the development and construction of special tooling that enables the precise production of detailed forged parts at low costs is of great importance. Thereby, components with fiber-orientation finishing for high-strain applications can also be forged in low quantities (as few as one piece). Further advantages of forge simulation are lower material costs –by having less weight in unmachined parts–, and not having to apply any mechanical finishing to components.

Some of the parameters that can be analyzed with our simulation software are:

  • Needed forming-force
  • Temperature distribution
  • Fiber orientation
  • Resultant stress intensity
  • Die filling
  • Degree of permanent deformation