Forged Art

The unique project “Polyhedron” (Polyeder) shows that a forging press can also be used to create art. Since December 2009, the 15-meter and almost 15-ton steel sculpture from the tyrolean artist Markus Strieder adorns the new roundabout in Pfinztal-Kleinsteinbach.

The four piled up cuboids symbolize this area within Pfinztal. Edelstahl Rosswag donated the material and manufacture of this sculpture.

This collaboration between Edelstahl Rosswag and the tyrolean artist Markus Strieder the solid forging-handwork becomes modern art. More artworks have been created between these two parties.

For the Rosswag team the forging of an artwork means a great challenge everytime. Art from forge is always an individual and unique creation that requires ability and passion.